• Ask the Right Questions, Get the Right Hire Via Remote Interviewing

    By Sharon Meit Abrahams

    Techniques and important guidelines that will help an attorney conduct remote interviews that are efficient and help to lead to quality candidates for hire.

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  • Client Development During the Pandemic   

    By Larry Bodine

    The new normal under the plague has put pressure on law firms to simply operate, as well as thrive. However, law firms have a unique opportunity during the COVID-19 outbreak to capture new files and business. Now is the time to use a personal touch and double down on digital marketing.

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  • COVID-19: Threats Abound: How to Protect Your Remote Workforce

    By Tomas Suros

    If there’s an upside to this unsettling period, it’s that the same cloud that irrevocably changed the way companies do business in recent years will now help them navigate through this pandemic. By enabling remote work in response to this crisis, companies will emerge nimbler, more technologically sound and more productive.

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  • Competitive Intelligence: “Dear Marketing & Business Development Professional …”

    By Stacy Zinken

    Letters from librarians on value and opportunities to work together to support firm goals.

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