Your Website is Like a Newspaper

You know that space someone first sees when they get to your website ? the one before any taps or swipes take place? That?s known as ?the first screen,? and it?s where your prospects are focusing most of their attention. Just like The New York Times uses a great headline to entice people to buy its newspaper, this portion of your website is where you?ll either grab or lose someone?s business.

There are a few things I suggest you focus on when it comes to this space. For one, include your practice area in the tagline. While the sentiment behind a general phrase like ?defending your rights? is well-intentioned, it doesn?t give readers information on the kind of law you actually practice. And if someone is in desperate need of an attorney, they may not have time to poke around on multiple pages of your site to find out.

Also, have a way to contact your firm on top of every page. A mobile user?s intent is typically more action-oriented than someone searching on a desktop, meaning it?s critical to provide a seamless way to get in contact with your firm. Add a clickable phone number and email address to the header of your site?s template so it?s available on any page someone might land.

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