Facebook Isn?t Losing Users

Starting in 2016, numerous news articles reported that Facebook?s algorithm and trending page were making it easier for individuals and organizations to spread stories with misleading, inaccurate or just plain false information. Perhaps the most damaging revelation: The company failed to hinder now-defunct political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica from obtaining personal information on 87 million users.

With its reputation suffering serious damage, Facebook promised to tighten its privacy rules and better regulate misinformation on its platform.

As a result of Facebook?s very public troubles, some sources claimed that the number of Facebook users was shrinking dramatically. Word spread that Facebook was becoming irrelevant as a marketing tool.

The truth may surprise you: despite the controversies have been swirling around Facebook, people are still using it. As of February 2019, 69 percent of American adults regularly click on their Facebook feed, and 74 percent of users access it daily. What?s more, those percentages have been remarkably consistent since 2016.

Facebook Reaches Your Target Market

Facebook remains the largest social media site in the world, and it?s still the top choice for social media marketing. Its user data allows your firm to segment and target any audience based on demographics, interests and behaviors, and to do so more accurately than with any other media platform. In addition, evidence suggests that regular Facebook users have levels of income and education that make them appealing to just about any kind of business.

Of course, to take advantage of that marketing prowess, your firm needs to create and post content that engages the legal consumers you want to reach. The most successful posts provide specific information that your target market will find useful. Where appropriate, these posts also offer a touch of entertainment ? a video, for instance, or a popular-culture reference. In addition, they?re also short and to the point, leaving your ?audience? interested in seeing more from your firm. And wanting to learn more about you.

Facebook also offers advertising and ?paid social? options that can help your firm raise its profile in its market even higher.

Yes, Facebook has had its troubles. But dropping it as a marketing strategy would only deprive your law firm of unparalleled opportunities to stand out from your competition.

That said, it?s crucial to recognize and adapt to the recent adjustments in its algorithms. Learn more on how your firm can take advantage of these changes and boost its branding?by downloading the FindLaw white paper titled, Facebook?s Advertising Rules Have Changed. Are You Prepared??

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