Since the world turned upside down a few months ago, more and more lawyers are flocking to social media sites.

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  • Jump-Starting Business Development After Living in a Socially Distant World

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    As leaders slowly pave ways to restart the economy, lawyers and law firms are looking for the safest route to getting back to work supporting clients who are trying to do the same. At the center of these discussions, an important quandary is brewing: How do we go back to conducting productive business without seeming callous to the harsh realities many people are experiencing?

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  • How to Write Digital Content that Gets Read

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    With over 1.7 billion websites on the Internet, you might say we have a content clutter issue. Adding to the pile should be done strategically, with creativity and careful consideration of how to write digital content. This article provides a step-by-step guide for attorneys and legal professionals to follow when writing blogs, articles, legal alerts, white papers and other online content.

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  • 8 Legal Marketing Strategies that Work Now

    By Larry Bodine

    Many lawyers focus on business development only when they have downtime or when a matter concludes. And, when they do have time, they go to the same old networking events, write for the same old publications, and give the same old speeches. What is the solution?

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  • Ask the Right Questions, Get the Right Hire Via Remote Interviewing

    By Sharon Meit Abrahams

    Techniques and important guidelines that will help an attorney conduct remote interviews that are efficient and help to lead to quality candidates for hire.

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