As states begin to reopen, the ripple effects of the measures taken to slow the COVID-19 pandemic’s spread are manifesting in numerous ways – including in the legal world. In the coming months, legal consumers who were personally and/or professionally impacted by COVID-19 are likely to seek legal guidance and assistance and attorneys at solo and small law firms who handle cases within certain practice areas could experience an increase in inquiries and cases.

In some cases, the specific legal issues these individuals face may be ancillary to your main practice area. While you may handle these matters, they aren’t prominently discussed or promoted on your website and aren’t the focus for any of your firm’s paid advertising. To capture the attention of legal consumers who are seeking help to resolve more in-demand legal matters, it’s wise to make adjustments to your digital marketing strategy now.

Below we examine three practice areas that are primed to experience a surge in the coming months.  

Divorce cases

If you are a family law attorney who previously handled primarily adoption cases or prenuptial agreements, it’s important to make adjustments now to position yourself to take on more divorce cases.

The reasons cited for filing for divorce are often cumulative. Months spent at home trapped in the same house with a spouse may be the impetus many unhappily married individuals need to finally change their lives and file for divorce.  

Employment law cases

Largely in response to the Me Too movement, in recent years many employment attorneys have centered their practices around discrimination cases. However, COVID-related employment matters are likely to revolve around unsafe or hazardous work environments and wage and hour disputes.

If you practice employment law, but previously focused on sexual discrimination and harassment claims, it’s important to consider shifting your marketing strategy to appeal to hourly workers.

Real estate law cases

Attorneys who handle real estate matters often assist with residential closings and draft commercial leases. In the wake of COVID-19, both residential and commercial tenants have been seriously impacted. For businesses that were forced to temporarily close, questions surrounding their lease terms and inability to pay are likely to arise. Additionally, on the residential side, tenants who lost their jobs due to COVID may be unable to pay rent and could face eviction actions.

Previously, the real estate matters you handled may have seemed very cut and dry. Today, lawsuits involving both residential and commercial tenant disputes related to lease defaults and non-payment issues raise complex legal questions that may involve state and federal actions.

Making the shift

In addition to the practice areas and cases discussed above, additional matters involving class action lawsuits, business and commercial disputes, and Social Security Disability claims are also likely to increase. In the coming months, legal consumers will need your guidance and help. As a practicing attorney, what adjustments do you need to make to best serve legal consumers in need?

In our next blog post, we’ll provide tips on how you can adjust your digital marketing strategy to appeal to and win over these legal consumers.

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