One might ask, with so many options out there what is the best platform to shape and mold my firm?s brand? The answer is straightforward: Spend the vast majority of your time on the channel with the most qualified professional audience and that is LinkedIn.

The chief area where LinkedIn excels is in catering to both referring attorneys and legal consumers. According to the American Bar Association?s 2018 Legal Technology Survey, the channel lawyers use most often for networking is LinkedIn, with 87 percent indicating that they had a LinkedIn profile. Conversely, on the legal consumer side, LinkedIn is now home to more than 500 million members. With a number that large, there is no doubt your potential clients are on the platform.

FindLaw?s new playbook, The Legal Professional?s Guide To LinkedIn,?makes the case for why an active, engaging and unique presence should be at the forefront of your marketing efforts. Below you will find a brief preview of some of the tips covered in the book.

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