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Alisha  Rubin

Alisha Rubin

Aviation and Plane Accidents,Bike and Bicycle Injuries,Watercraft and Boating Injuries,Bus and Truck Accidents,Car and Auto Accidents,Construction and Construction Site Accidents,Defective Roadways and Defective Walkways,Dog Injuries and Dog Bite Injuries,Drunk Driving Recipient and Drunk Driving Negligence,Medical Malpractice and Medical Incompetence,Motorcycle Accidents, Trike and Quad Accidents,Nursing Home Abuse or Elder Care Abuse,Product Liability Injuries and Damages,Vacation Injuries and Cruise Ship Injuries,Slip and Fall Injuries,Swimming Pool Accidents or Negligence,Wrongful Death or Wrongful Injuries, Loan Modification,Pre Foreclosure Defense,Short Sales, Criminal Defense Law

Auto Accident, Criminal Defense, Medical Malpractice
Cyrus  Toufanian

Cyrus Toufanian

Homicide,RICO,Burglary,Theft,Pre-charging and pre-filing investigation,Domestic Assault, Battery, and Stalking (misdemeanor and felony),Drug Charges (possession, sale, and trafficking),DUI,Driving Under a Suspended License,Injunction Violations,Firearm cases (including 10/20/Life),Robbery,Carjacking,Juvenile Cases – all crimes including direct filed,Violation of Probation,Habitual Offender cases (PRR, HFO, HVFO, VCC),Sealing and Expunging prior criminal charges or arrests

DUI & DWI, Speeding Ticket
Hillary  Johnson

Hillary Johnson


DUI & DWI, Speeding Ticket
Ferd  Kahel

Ferd Kahel

,Criminal Defense,Fish and Wildlife Violations,Assault and Battery,Burglary,Civil Forfeiture,Criminal Investigation,Driving on a Suspended License,DUI/DWI,Sealings/Expungements,Felonies,Misdemeanors,Homicide,Murder/Manslaughter,Probation Violations,Sex Crimes,Theft,Drug Crimes,Drug Trafficking,Juvenile Law,White Collar Crime,Restraining Orders/Injunctions for Protection,Domestic Violence,Prescription Drug Offenses,

DUI & DWI, Speeding Ticket
Andrew  Boros

Andrew Boros

Criminal LawDUI/DWIWhite Collar CrimesFamily LawCustody & VisitationDivorcePersonal Injury — PlaintiffMotor Vehicle Accidents — Plaintiff

Auto Accident, Divorce, DUI & DWI
Andrew  Washor

Andrew Washor

,Legal Addiction Recovery Services,Criminal Law,Criminal Defense,DUI/DWI,White Collar Crimes,Family Law,Child Support,Custody & Visitation,Divorce Law,Traffic Violations,Step-Parent Adoption,

Criminal Defense, Divorce, DUI & DWI
Donald Curtis Iii

Donald Curtis Iii

Divorce and separation, Child custody, DUI and DWI, Business, Real estate

Divorce, DUI & DWI, Family Law
Brion Ross

Brion Ross

Criminal defense, Personal injury, Immigration

Auto Accident, Criminal Defense, Immigration
Aaron Clemens

Aaron Clemens

Personal injury, Criminal defense, Foreclosure

Criminal Defense
Alejandro Contrera

Alejandro Contrera

Criminal defense, Personal injury, Business, Real estate, Appeals

Business Lawyer, Business Organizations Law, Criminal Defense
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Criminal Defense

A criminal defense attorney specializes in defending people who have been charged with crimes by either the state or federal government.

You need a criminal defense lawyer if you have been charged with any form of misdemeanor like possession of marijuana, driving recklessly, vandalism, trespassing, disorderly conduct, simple assault, public intoxication, prostitution or petty theft (among a number of other misdemeanors). You also need this type of lawyer if you have been charged with a felony like grand theft, fraud, burglary or robbery, arson, aggravated assault, treason, kidnapping, rape or murder (among a number of other felonies).

A criminal defense attorney will help you by advising you on how to plead, proving your innocence, challenging your arrest, ensuring that your rights are NOT violated throughout the process of investigation and trial and getting you a reduced bail amount. Such a lawyer also helps by working out and negotiating plea bargains, ensuring you do NOT make incriminating statements or throwing them out if you have already done so, providing legal support throughout the legal process and reducing your sentence.