All of us could use a brighter tomorrow, but brighter tomorrows don’t always happen on their own. Oftentimes, it takes a little planning to get there.

Think back to law school. If graduation day was your brighter tomorrow, remember that it took three years of hard work, sacrifice, and meticulous preparation to get your diploma. This year hasn’t been as heavy a lift as law school, but it’s certainly had its share of difficulties. That’s why FindLaw’s 2022 Annual Law Firm Business Planner is especially relevant and useful this year.

As part of our commitment to helping law firms grow, develop and attract the clients they want, we’re pleased to once again offer complimentary law firm business growth kits, which include a one-on-one marketing consultation with one of our digital legal marketing experts and our 2022 Annual Law Firm Business Planner. Taken together, these tools can help you plan your path to a brighter tomorrow of your very own.

As you work with these tools, here are some things that may be helpful for you to think about:

How do I define success?

It seems easy enough to spell out what success looks like, but put your concept of success to this test: Can you visualize the concrete steps that will get you there? If not, then your idea of success may be too abstract or too pie-in-the-sky. FindLaw’s 2022 Annual Law Firm Business Planner encourages attorneys to set goals that are firmer and more achievable and to outline the actions that will help reach them. Focusing time, energy, and investment makes a goal far more achievable.

What are my benchmarks?

If the only point worth celebrating on your journey to your goal is the end, it’s too easy to feel like you’ll never get there. Think back, once again, to law school. You probably celebrated each semester when finals were over, not just when you got to cross a stage and shake the dean’s hand. That’s an approach worth taking to your legal career. The 2022 Annual Law Firm Business Planner presents an opportunity to identify an ultimate goal, but then parcel out milestones along the way. Those are worth celebrating, even if in a small way, because they’re evidence that you are making progress toward your ultimate success.

What investment is required?

You can’t reach a new goal by doing exactly what you are doing today. It’s not possible. If you want to achieve a new objective, it’s going to take some kind of investment – of time, of energy, of resources. As you think about your ultimate goal, try to be realistic and honest with yourself about what input is going to be necessary to get there. If you come to realize that your end goal will need more investment than you can spare right now, it’s okay to narrow it or bring it down a notch or two. Again, a goal that’s unlikely to be reached isn’t a very good goal, but one that’s a realistic fit for your circumstances and can actually be achieved is.

When do I check-in?

From time to time, it’s good to assess what progress you’re making. The 2022 Annual Law Firm Business Planner encourages attorneys to pause at the 90-day mark and reflect on how things are going. Many people make the mistake of being inflexible in their approach, and that can lead to frustration and, ultimately, abandonment of the goal. The 2022 Annual Law Firm Business Planner encourages introspection and honest assessment. It’s okay to tweak a strategy or try a new technique if what you’ve employed thus far isn’t getting you the results you want.

If what you’ve read here is of interest, please feel free to request your complimentary law firm business growth kit and 2022 Annual Legal Planner. Building your brighter tomorrow may take a while, so it’s best to start today.

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