About LegalClick

Who is LegalClick?

LegalClick starting serving award-winning technologies for the legal industry since 2015.

Over the years we have listened to our clients and designed simple full-service online marketing solutions for lawyers to get more clients. LegalClick is using all the latest technologies in our law firm marketing packages listed below that are based on your needs and your budget.

Once you order one of our law firm marketing packages, you fill out your marketing profile, and our marketing team will do the rest with monthly results, reports, and clients.

Our genuinely hands-off approach lets you focus on representing your clients and practicing the law.

Lawyer Marketing Services

LegalClick offers complete law firm marketing packages with transparent pricing and dedicated lawyer marketing team to implement your winning marketing campaign.

LegalClick’s full-Service Law Firm Marketing team will focus on lawyer SEO and lawyer marketing techniques to develop qualified leads, local Law Firm SEO, Google Business Listing, Google maps, press releases, and media outreach to drive more traffic to your lawyer website.

Full-Service Lawyer marketing Agency

At LegalClick we are the best full-service law firm marketing agency. If you would like to increase awareness about your law firm, then we are the right professionals to contact. We use effective methods to let many people in your target areas know about the services you offer. We have been helping many people generate Qualified Leads over the period in which we have been in operation.

You will be surprised to discover we are among the best and the most affordable Lawyer marketing services you can ever access in the market. We have mastered different aspects of the Local Marketing strategies to assure you the best services. Some of the services we offer in our Lawyer marketing platform include the following:

Local SEO for small law firms

For over the three years in which LegalClick has been in operation, we have managed to win several awards in the legal tech and law review. Many people would prefer to hire lawyers near them for convenience reasons. If you have set up a law firm office in a given area, you should not shy about contacting us.

We have a team of self-motivated digital marketers who employ the latest technology to reach out to potential customers in your given area of operation. Some of the areas of local marketing we touch on include the following:

Google business

Our experts know how to utilize Google business for the benefit of your local law firm. We will take into consideration different factors in marketing your law firm on the platform so that you achieve the maximum benefits.

We have managed to help many people attract a lot of sales through the use of Google business. You will save money in the process because we will charge you fair rates and the quality of services will be second to none.

Google Maps

People would like to know the specific location of your law firm so that they can visit in person and explain to you different issues affecting their lives which need litigation. In our law marketing services, we will utilize the Google maps feature to make it easy for clients to locate your offices.

From our experience, most people whom we have helped create the Google maps have achieved great success in improving sales in their law firms. You will note a significant difference between hiring us for the law firm marketing services.

Google Ads

You need to utilize Google ads the right way so that you can achieve significant returns on investment. Our experts will help you set up effective Google ads campaigns so that you can realize substantial returns on your investment.

Since we started our law marketing services, we have helped many lawyers achieve great results out of the Google ads. We research keywords people use to reach for the local audience before we swing into action to carry out the marketing services. You will never regret working with us in your Google ads marketing procedure.

Sales Lead Generation

Our sales lead generation platform is competent. We have carried out the lead generation strategies for long hence we know what works and the effects which Amy does not impact positively on your marketing efforts.

If you would like to be assured the best results in your law firm marketing process, please contact us. We have fair deals which will increase sales in your law firm while at the same time saving you money.

The best local marketing packages

We have made it easy for you to choose the best marketing package. We have a wide range of services for you to select the most suitable for your law firm. Some of the strategies we employ in our law marketing include the following:

Press Release

We will help you craft the most effective press release and distribute to the best news channels which will make it possible for many people to know about your law firm.

Media outreach

Use of local media will increase awareness of the services you offer. We have a dedicated team of experts who will work on your media outreach campaign to ensure you achieve your local marketing goals.

Live Interviews online

To make more people know about the quality legal services you offer, we carry out live interviews online which will make many potential clients know about your law firm and areas of law practice you specialize.