Have many of us feel like we are living in an alternate reality?

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  • Match Your Business Development Plan With Your Personality

    By Glennie Green

    It is critical that lawyers determine strategies that match their skills, personalities, and perceptions and experiences.

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  • Virtual Training & Mentoring for Summer and First Year Associates

    By Sharon Meit Abrahams

    Conscientious development of associates through training and mentoring enables them to become dynamic, professional, and ethical attorneys who provide high quality service that clients expect.

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  • Pouring Resources Into Business Development and Coaching Provides Mixed Results

    By Patrick Smith

    The largest law firms are pouring substantial resources into business development training, cultivating leadership skills and professional coaching, according to a new report, and they’re fielding teams of marketing professionals and lawyers to court and maintain clients. But the report found that the efforts — and the results — have been uneven, especially when it comes to developing leadership and building effective client teams.

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  • Jump-Starting Business Development After Living in a Socially Distant World

    By Deborah C. Scaringi

    As leaders slowly pave ways to restart the economy, lawyers and law firms are looking for the safest route to getting back to work supporting clients who are trying to do the same. At the center of these discussions, an important quandary is brewing: How do we go back to conducting productive business without seeming callous to the harsh realities many people are experiencing?

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