It might seem odd that I?m addressing keywords last, but authority and relevance really should take priority in your SEO content planning. That?s partially because the importance of keyword searches has decreased since the early days of keyword stuffing. Back in the old days, repeating words and phrases relevant to a query was enough to show up in search.

Google, Bing and the like are now more sophisticated. They know when a website is attempting to manipulate them in this way. Nowadays Google is more concerned with detailed answers to a user?s question than the raw volume of keywords in a given post.

That?s certainly not to say keywords can be ignored. They need to be incorporated into your writing ? both naturally and strategically. Search engines are smart enough to recognize your tactics and they know when you?re adding words because you think it?s necessary. Keep the writing fluid and you?ll please Google along with your human readers.

With regards to strategy, there are plenty of websites that offer help narrowing down a list of keywords based on all variety of factors. I?ll admit, there?s a bit of a learning curve to these sites to say the least. But with some effort and discipline, attorneys can use them to build a list of keywords to weave into their blog content. Just remember, keep things natural and relevant to your target audience.

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