In the land of Instagram consistency is key. Think about it ? having a consistent presence is one of the main ingredients for any brand to be successful, and it?s no different for attorneys on Instagram. Seeing you in their daily feed keeps your firm top of mind for any future legal needs.

Consistency is also the best way to increase engagement. By interacting daily with followers, you are creating relationships and building trust. Make sure that you are responding to individual comments and to avoid any long lulls in your posting cadence, create a schedule of once daily and stick to it. Your followers will appreciate your predictability.

To maintain a clean, homogeneous look across your profile pay attention to the images you post. Make sure they have a similar aesthetic and steer clear of filters and stock photos. Instead, focus on high-quality images that portray your firm?s authenticity. Give your followers a glimpse behind the scenes of your firm and share your personality, interests and community involvement. Follow the example of Caralee Fontenele who maintains a visually appealing and consistent look throughout her Instagram page.

Last but certainly not least, be on your best behavior. You will from time to time receive a negative comment. It is crucial that you always maintain your cool and respond with professionalism and integrity. How you handle negative comments will speak volumes to potential clients. Remember that you are writing your response for the next reader.

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