The average day of a marketing coordinator at a law firm is far from average. At this point, you may be an expert at the balancing act of time management ? juggling deadlines, schedules, timelines and meetings, all while trying to find new clients and market the firm.

Sometimes you need a little help clearing?your plate. One option is to explore marketing vendors who you can partner with to grow the business while saving you time. Today, consumers are searching for attorneys online more than they ever have, and that?s only going to increase?as younger generations raised on the internet come into peak buying power.

As you?ve undoubtedly seen, the problem is that the internet has a?(practically) infinite number of opportunities for making a connection. That sounds nice on an individual, human scale?but for a business trying to make connections, it creates a brutal environment. This crucible effect becomes abundantly clear when you compare law?firms who take a simplistic approach with?an underdeveloped website and those firms able?to successfully coordinate?their efforts in social media, blogging and pay-per-click advertising. Being able to navigate the twists and turns of the internet is essential to bringing additional clients to your law firm.

If it doesn?t sound easy, that?s?because it isn?t. Thankfully, a competent marketing vendor can help. Almost all established marketing providers will come with?experience to one degree or another. And almost all of them will claim to save you the trouble of learning?the ins and outs of digital marketing. But as you know, what?is essential for law firms is knowing how to differentiate reputable marketing vendors from those that cannot cater to your unique needs. ?

Here are a few questions to ask before trusting someone else with your firm?s brand:

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