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A bankruptcy and debt attorney specializes in laws that govern bankruptcy and debt. Such a lawyer helps individuals and business entities that are struggling with debts settle, get relief from or eliminate their debts.

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Traffic Tickets

A speeding and traffic ticket attorney specializes in handling cases that have to do with traffic violations like driving with an expired, revoked or suspended license (or NO license), driving under the influence of alcohol, improper lane usage, etc.

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Divorce Law

A divorce and separation attorney specializes and has vast experience in handling cases of divorce and/or separation. You need a divorce and separation lawyer if you are considering a separation, divorce or permanent legal separation.

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Limited Liability Company

A limited liability company (LLC) attorney has vast experience in dealing with matters that have to do with the formation and operation of a limited liability company.

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A corporate law attorney specializes in laws, rules, regulations and cases that have to do with business structure and business formation.

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Trust & Will Lawyers

A trust attorney specializes in the legal process of setting up fictitious legal entities that own property and other forms of assets solely for the benefit of a third party.

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Last Will

A wills and living wills attorney specializes in drafting, reviewing and modifying legal documents that help you determine how your assets will be distributed when you pass on.

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Real Estate

A real estate attorney specializes in laws, rules and regulations that govern the sales, purchase and use of real estate. A real estate attorney might focus either on residential or commercial real estate.

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Business Law

A business attorney specializes in laws that govern the formation and running of a business. He or she also handles cases that arise from the day-to-day operations of a business.

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A DUI attorney will help you by ensuring that the police complied with applicable laws when they stopped and searched you, ensuring that they complied with the laws while conducting any chemical testing that required drawing your blood and by challenging the accuracy of their testing. Such a lawyer will also work tirelessly to prove the weakness of the police department’s case and provide you legal counsel throughout the entire process.

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An employment and labor attorney specializes in handling legal matters that have to do with employer-employee relationships. This includes (but is NOT limited to) everything from labor union matters, the drafting of policies on employment and the resolution of employment-related disputes; negotiating and drafting compensations, employment contracts, severance agreements, non-disclosure, etc.

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An immigration attorney specializes in matters that have to do with immigration. This includes getting visas and residency permits, applying for citizenship, helping illegal aliens, etc. You need an immigration lawyer if you are an illegal alien in the US, you want to get your green card, you want to apply for US citizenship, you have been served a notice of deportation, you want to ensure you file your immigration papers correctly.

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